Why you shouldn’t donate to canned food drives

Now before you call me heartless and say that I should care about those who are unfortunate and hungry, I’m not against feeding the poor; I’m just against canned food drives. They don’t help anything, and there are always better ways to donate than digging in the back of the pantry for food you’ll never eat.

Most of that food usually gets tossed away. Why? Because it’s usually expired. You throwing something that was old about 3 years ago isn’t doing any good. Your can of nuts may go to a family with someone allergic to nuts. A large amount of people go out and buy a lot of soup cans, but that could easily lead to high sodium issues with individuals. You can’t live well on anything canned. It’s full of perservatives and doesn’t hold as much nutrition as fresh food would. 

Also, those food pantries can actually buy more items with the same amount of money as you. They buy items in bulk, and therefor, it’d be better to just donate the money. They’d buy fresher ingredients, healthier options, etc. They usually follow a specific health guideline so you know your money isn’t going on useless things.

 Food banks also spend a lot of time inspecting the food you give in order to ensure that it meets their guidelines. Guess what? 50% get chucked. After all this, half of the foods donated, and you wasted some of the workers time. That time could have been spent buying healthier options they know meet their guild lines. 

So next time you’re thinking of giving a few cans in your pantry, maybe next time dig in your wallet. That money will be spent more efficiently and you now have more canned food to eat yourself! Win-win. 

Why you shouldn’t donate to canned food drives

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