Why I believe in Assisted Suicide

Assisted Suicide has always been a controversial topic. With people for it calling it the “Right to Die” and those against it are calling it murder, or another form of euthanasia. So, why should you care? If you ever are diagnosed with any form of a terminal illness, then you will be affected.

First off, let’s clear up some things. There is a difference between euthanasia and assisted suicide. In euthanasia, the doctor himself administers a lethal dose of medication to the patient. Euthanasia has been seen in the past before. We used to use euthanasia to “put down” people who were not deemed productive in society. These people included those with a mental disability. Looking back, we believe this is very inhumane. This brings us to assisted suicide. This is where the doctor himself can prescribe a lethal amount of medicine that the patient takes himself. Assisted suicide can also only be administered to those with a terminal illness where they will eventually succumb to their disease.

I believe assisted suicide should be legal. It should be up to the individual to choose when to take their own life, also known as the right to die. I believe that individuals should be able to choose to die in dignity instead of dying slowly due to their illness. I think someone should have the right to a comfortable and dignified death. But of course, the government believes nature should just take its course.

If you still cannot comprehend why assisted suicide is okay, let me give you a situation:

It’s a beautiful sunny evening, and you decide to take your mother to the doctor. She is forgetting things often, and she has trouble thinking. She cannot remember what she did two hours ago and you are concerned. The doctor comes in, listens to her symptoms, and diagnoses her with Alzheimer’s . He tells you there isn’t too much he can do as there is no cure. All he can do is give her medications to ease the symptoms. He leaves and you look at your clearly distressed mother. She’s seen what Alzheimer’s did to her father and the state he was in before he died. She remembers him rummaging through the house and clearly forgetting who she was and thinking she was a housemaid. He eventually forgot even where the toilet was. He was constantly confused and he had to be put into a nursing home until he died. She doesn’t want to die a burden to others and have your last memory of her confused and not knowing who you are. You take her home. The next day, she’s overdosed on previous pain medication she had before. Except she did not take enough to kill her. She now has brain damage and can’t speak or care for herself anymore. She tried to give herself a dignified death, that’s all she wanted.

That story above is false, but could easily happen. If a doctor is overseeing the suicide, he could ensure that all goes well and that you go peacefully. The mother could have died the dignified death she wanted had she had the information.

So tell me, which would you prefer? The government telling you that you must let nature take it’s course, or decide to speed death up a little bit if it’s just going to happen anyways?

Why I believe in Assisted Suicide

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