Does Bernie Still Stand a Chance?

Yes, he does. Those superdelegates? Do not pay two flying horse crap to them. They are irrelevant for now. They can change anytime from now until June. Obama was behind Clinton due to superdelegates, but now where is he? Right up in the damn Whitehouse where Clinton is still trying to get her criminal ass in. Anyways, I’m all for #HillaryForPrison. But that’s off topic.

Bernie is gaining momentum. Clinton isn’t really gaining new supporters. She’s an old face, who always changes her views to correlate with the new popular opinion of the day. Bernie’s fresh face and revolutionary ideas are gaining new supporters daily. But thank you good old fashioned superdelegates for not caring about the popular opinion, because that would be too democratic. You all suck.

Bernie mostly appeals to the younger generation. Clinton tries. But unless Bernie’s supporters go out and vote, there probably isn’t much chance as he is going against a popular woman who everyone knows. Then it’s gonna be Trump vs. Hillary. And if that happens, then goodbye America. I loved you.




Does Bernie Still Stand a Chance?

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