Why I Believe in Gender Neutral Bathrooms

I do believe in “Gender Neutral” bathrooms. I also live in North Carolina, where HB2 is a highly controversial topic. First of all, let me clear up a few assumptions/ arguments you may have about me and/or bring up.

  1. I am not a lesbian or transgender by any means. You do not have to be in order to be an activist for LGBT rights. Plus, if you choose to attack me by saying that I simply can’t be straight and an activist for LGBT people, then please tell me how that is an insult. Being gay is not an insult. It is simply a sexual orientation. Just like being a heterosexual is. *gasp.*
  2. I am not a pervert, nor do I condone pedophilia. I’ll get onto that argument later.
  3. “You’re one of them libtards.” I suppose so, if that was a real word and not something that insults disabled people and liberals at once. Yay you.

Now onto the wonderful arguments that those have bestowed upon me in the past…

  • “I do not want any man sharing a bathroom with my wife or daughter! They are perverts and pedophiles.”
           Man, do I have news for you. No one wants to cut off their genitalia, deal with public backlash for not being their assigned gender, etc. in order to prey upon your precious little Sarah. Also, people do tend to think homosexuality and pedophilia go hand in hand. The harsh fact is, they are just attracted to the innocence of children. The gender of the child does not always match their sexual orientation. Pedophilia is a serious issue that is shared by heterosexuals and homosexuals alike. BUT we like having scapegoats and blame gays because it’s so dang easy. You probably should be more worried about that creepy uncle of yours than some strange person just trying to pee. And if you are that worried, now you can follow them into the bathroom! What a relief.
  • “There are plenty of “gay” pedophiles though! You hear it all over the news.”
            First of all, they probably attack those of their gender because they have easier access to children of their gender. Sexual abuse is about control and domination, not about sexual attraction. Reduce easy access to anyone you know and you do not fully trust, as sexual attacks on children are usually from people they already know.
  • “Men and women need to be separated when using restrooms. Period.”
           Why? Is using a bathroom a sexual experience for you?  Do you automatically think it is a sexual act to be pissing buddies with the person beside you (who could be gay)? Or are you literally just thinking about going to the bathroom and leaving. Chances are, that transgender person just wants to use the bathroom and leave, too. We also used to think separating genders were good for transportation, education, etc. Why is the bathroom the only place left that segregates gender?
  • “I am uncomfortable with sharing bathrooms with opposite genders.” Cool, that’s why gender neutral bathrooms are usually a third single stall bathroom for anyone to use. This does not mean that you have to only have gender neutral bathrooms. Why can’t we have a gender neutral bathroom? It helps those who wish to take their small children in the bathroom with them, and caretakers for those of the opposite genders. It is a good idea for not just transgenders but anyone who could potentially benefit from them.

So, there you have it. I strongly believe in having a gender neutral bathroom, and I may continue updating this list when I see others who have more ignorant remarks with easy solutions. Go ahead, add your opinion, but I don’t see myself changing my mind about this issue. You can sure try, as long as you listen to what I am saying first.


Why I Believe in Gender Neutral Bathrooms